running biomechanics and how it causes injury

Running biomechanics is one of those tricky areas to get any clear answers – it seems that Physios blame every injury that creeps up on you is related to ” biomechanics”. It’s often accompanied with a ” knee bone connects …

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What’s the point of Physio exercises?

Hey Physio, what’s with all these damn exercises?!? So you head on down to your friendly neighbourhood physio (that’s us!) for some help with an injury and you leave with a laundry list of exercises and a few pieces of …

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Recovery and niggles after Sydney Marathon 2023

Firstly, a big congrats to everyone who made it to the start line for any distance at the Sydney Marathon event in 2023. Aside from the usual challenges of distance running, this year had the added bonus of bushfire smoke …

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Should you really be working on your weaknesses?

Working on your weaknesses is a training concept that’s as old as the kettlebell. And the logic seems straightforward – find the stuff you’re not good at and work harder at being good at it. Obvious right? If you’re a …

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Physio + TPI = better golf, more consistently

golf ball on a fairway with distant trees

Love your golf but struggle with injury? Or got an old knee injury that limits your distance off the tee? If that’s you, you need to hear this! The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is at the forefront of performance, injury …

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Why rest can be more harmful than the injury

man lying in a grassy field

When injury happens, there can be localised damage to a structure like a ligament or muscles. That kick-starts a response from the body which causes inflammation, then tissue repair, then tissue strengthening. The first two phases of that process will …

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Why early season injuries need the most attention

football injury assessed on field by a physiotherapist

Injuries happen. It’s an unfortunate fact for anyone pursuing an active lifestyle. The good news is the body does an amazing and speedy job of repairing injured tissue. It’s the body’s ability to rapidly respond to sudden overload that means …

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Lower back pain in teenagers

rugby player gets tackled with the ball

Kids are so active these days that it seems like they’re always carrying a niggle or two. That makes it difficult to know which niggles will be gone in a day and which ones will lead to an injury and …

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