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Bulletproofing your run

Dodging tomorrow’s disaster starts today The concept of “bulletproofing” is really about avoiding anything that can ruin the consistency of […]

exercise myths busted

Killing the myths about exercise

There seems to be many myths and misconceptions about exercise. Some have propagated because of long-held beliefs while others are just convenient reasons to avoid certain types of exercise. But for each of these myths, there’s research to the contrary. So it’s time to learn the truth and train smarter and more effectively than ever.

are you an athlete or a bodybuilder

Are You An Athlete Or A Bodybuilder?

Are you structuring your training for the right results? Or are you just following the latest program from your fave magazine or fitness influencer? How you structure your training should depend on this – are you an athlete or a bodybuilder?

growing pains

Growing Pains

Growing pains, as the name suggests, are a painful response to a sudden increase in the rate of growth of bones. The rapid growth causes a strong muscle pull on softer growth plates located at the end of most bones. The two most common locations of growing pains are in the heel known as Sever’s disease and at the top of the shin known as Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

injury proof yourself

Injury proof yourself

Ever get the feeling that you’re spending more time in the physio waiting room than on the field training or playing sport? Or ever had that horrible sinking feeling when you just know you’ve done the exact same injury you just spent months rehabilitating?

OMG is it broken

OMG, is it broken?

Whether it’s the amount of time away from sport & work or the potential for ongoing issues, fractures are nasty injuries. If a fracture has occured, it’s crucial to seek medical advice as soon as possible. But spotting a fracture isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Build running distance fast before your next ultra

It’s not just runner’s aspirations that can bring on the temptation of fast distance building. It can be lost training time due to injury or illness, or simply just not putting in the hours over the last few months and the looming race has you panicked.

Justin Richardson – Busting training plateaus

Why have my training gains suddenly stopped?

If you train for something long enough, it’s going to happen. The proverbial wall will be hit and all those gains in fitness, strength, size, speed that were free-flowing seem to dry up and no matter how consistent you stay, the results just stop.



[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-jparju70′ custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=”] The Single Leg Squat is a super common and very […]