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we’re for the urban athlete.

The Urban athlete is the professional, the parent, the tradesperson, the students and the athletes with dreams that will never die. Your dreams are what defines you, and they’re too important to let pain and injury stand in the way.

Every recovery starts with good communication, an understanding of where you’re at and where you’re going.

Our Taren Point & Manly Physiotherapists understand what drives you, with insight into what it takes to reach your full potential. We know why you hate the word “rest” – you worked hard to get here and you’re not about to waste that effort.

Our Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists know the feeling of giving your all for a goal, and know exactly what you need to bounce back to your best quickly.

Whether you’re injured, in pain or just looking for more, you’ll realise your full potential with a great team in your corner to make sure your hard work is rewarded.

physiotherapist assessing a sore knee

Sports Physiotherapy.

Every Physiotherapist at Bioathletic has years of experience, has worked with sports teams at the highest level of competition and most have post-graduate qualifications.

But when you’re searching for the best Physio in Sydney, “years of experience” is an expectation. It’s what lies beyond that defines a great Physio.

We know that every story, every athlete, every goal is unique. To understand your journey and its barriers, we need to listen. We need to share the passion, the drive, the goal-focused determination.

It’s why we believe that rest is over-prescribed and that our job is to help you navigate any barriers standing between you and your potential.

patient lying prone for a back massage


Remedial and Sports Massage plays a vital role in performance and injury recovery. Our Massage Therapists have decades of experience at all levels of sport and know how to achieve results when you need them most.

Our Therapists understand what drives you, and what keeps you up at night, because they’ve walked that path as runners, Mums and athletes themselves. They know that everyone has a unique story and only through listening can you truly know exactly what’s needed.

innovative healthcare

Bioathletic prides itself on being an innovator and industry leader. We believe starting with the right treatment approach on the day of injury can cut weeks off your recovery time and get you back soon.


We’ve developed an app that puts expert care within reach, whenever you need it.

Faster advice = faster recovery.
So why wait until Monday morning to start your recovery?



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