Building strong, mobile, bulletproof humans.

We're for the Urban Athlete.

The Urban athlete is the professional, the parent, the tradesperson, the students and the athletes with dreams that will never die.

We're all human, trying to get a little better at what we love every day. Be the best in the world or the best in your world. It’s all the same to us.

We each have our own definition of greatness, but accomplishing it requires fine tuning through nutrition, fitness, recovery and injury management.

Our connected team of Physiotherapists, Strength Coaches, Dietitians and Massage Therapists will be your guide on a journey to building a body that is stronger, more mobile and resilient, leaving you ready for anything.



Be treated like a pro athlete.

Our treatment methodology is simple. We treat the injuries of our Urban Athletes in the same way we treat our professional athletes.

The professional sport model is the only 'complete' approach. It doesn’t neglect the need for maintaining fitness and doesn’t focus only on the injured area.

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Bioathletic training club
a gym membership like no other.

When it comes to improving health and performance, a one dimensional approach fits no-one well. That’s why we’ve created a health and fitness platform that goes beyond the realm of sports performance, personal training, and traditional physiotherapy.

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