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Sports Physiotherapy.


Bioathletic began with a vision to address what in our view was a flawed physiotherapy model – a model which ignored the vital role your sport or activity plays in your life to keep you balanced and fulfilled.

Conventional physiotherapy treatment is still built around rest, but during rest your body loses strength, flexibility and conditioning. More rest = more time away from what you love.

Injuries need the exact opposite.

female athlete stretching hands behind back


We treat the injuries of our Urban Athletes in the same way we treat our professional athletes.

The professional sports model is the only ‘complete’ approach. It doesn’t neglect the need for maintaining fitness and isn’t one dimensional, focusing only on the injured area.

And it works.


Our Physiotherapists are experts at establishing a treatment plan for your injured or overworked body and they’re backed by Massage Therapist to ensure that all aspects of your health and fitness can be maintained while you recover.

This approach means our Urban Athletes usually leave Physio feeling faster, stronger, more mobile and fitter than before the injury.

And the injury you once had? Bulletproof.

When we set up our first facility in Manly in 2012, our patients were blown away with a clinic that was centred around a fully equipped performance gym with a huge rack, barbells, olympic plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and more. It was a far cry from the single piece of overused and faded theraband to be found in many clinics.

Immediately, patients could see we had more than just an injured knee, ankle or shoulder in our sights. We were there to treat them like an athlete and take them where they needed to be.

Today, we’re still on that same mission of building stronger, more mobile and bulletproof humans.

And it’s why we built our Reconditioning Program where you’re treated like a world champion, even if you’re only active for the love of it.

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