Massage Therapy.


There’s a reason every elite athlete has massage in their training plans and those reasons are just as applicable to you, the Urban Athlete: recover faster, perform better, monitor overload and feel amazing.

It’s the Swiss Army Knife in your recovery and performance toolkit.

A great massage has you floating out of the room, ready for your next training block. Soreness and tightness have been corrected and any areas of building overload are checked and sorted, warding off injury before it arrives.

A great massage is dependent on a great massage therapist and at Bioathletic our therapists are simply brilliant at their game. They’ve helped thousands of Urban Athletes to achieve big goals and realise their potential. They know what you need because they’ve taken on lots of those same challenges. They’ve ticked off their own goals in trail running, triathlon and high level football so they know what drives you.

Our Remedial Massage team also has post-graduate training and experience delivering pregnancy massage. They’ll help smooth any bumps in the road and support you on the longest endurance event ever - pregnancy and motherhood. Props to all mothers!

They can be your tour guide on whatever ‘mountain’ you’re climbing.

You know your goal.
You know the journey can be both joyous and treacherous.
Come meet your tour guide.

We're for you,
the urban athlete.

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