Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Cure or Media Hype?

apple cider vinegar letters on a dinner plate

Apple cider vinegar has been around for centuries used in ancient health remedies. More recently, the media has pushed apple cider vinegar as a miracle cure for just about everything. From boosting immunity, aiding digestion, improving hair and skin health …

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Ultra Race is Postponed

man sitting in field

What to do if your ultra race is postponed? Having an ultra race postponed is a very real possibility, particularly any race near Sydney in the last few years. Between the bushfires of 2019, the pandemic of 2020 and the …

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The goal of training is to build resilience

athlete assisted up wall by team in obstacle course

The goal of training is to build resilience. Simple. When the alarm goes off at 5 am and you groggily head off for the gym, you’d be forgiven for pondering why you need this routine. Training can come in many …

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Will old or worn running shoes cause injury?

old dirty running shoes

“Did my shoes cause this injury?” –  it’s one of the most common questions our Physio team get from runners who feel like they might have been a month or two late in replacing their shoes. So can shoes that …

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Why do I get shin pain when I run?

runner crossing concrete pathway

Is it normal for shins to hurt running? Running training can generate areas of discomfort at times – it’s part of the body’s process of loading and rebuilding. There are some common areas that runners feel these niggles, including Achilles …

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How to beat computer neck

behind back stretching

A few years ago I made the conscious choice to spend less time in the gym and more time at my computer. Shocking for a “physio” to admit, I know, but that’s just what it takes to build a business …

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Bulletproofing your run

Female runner moving away from camera

Dodging tomorrow’s disaster starts today The concept of “bulletproofing” is really about avoiding anything that can ruin the consistency of your training and in turn, sabotage your goals. When it comes to running, “bulletproofing” is avoiding injury, illness and anything …

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Runners strength training – don’t let it dominate!

athletes lifting kettlebells in gym

Strength training has somewhat of an uneasy relationship with runners. Most runners know they should do it, some runners do it religiously while others avoid it as just another distraction from running. First, let’s add some context to strength training …

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An Open Letter to Gym Newbies…

athlete in gym doing a box jump

Dear Gym Newbies, It’s now February and if you’re still managing to visit the gym a few days each week, then you’re in the minority. In fact, you’re among the 20% of folks who actually follow through beyond January! If …

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