Strength & Conditioning.

Not just for elite athletes.

There’s a grey area that exists in the conventional rehabilitation model. There comes a point where your Physiotherapy treatment has you feeling good - the pain is gone, joint movement has returned and your strength is building - but you’re not quite back at your best.

This creates a recipe for a recurring injury.

In professional sporting organisations, the Strength & Conditioning coach steps in to bridge that gap. In fact, the S&C coach is active from the very beginning to avoid the Deconditioning that will take place when training comes to a standstill.

But Strength & Conditioning isn’t just for elite athletes.

The way we approach our time in the gym translates to the way we approach every aspect of our lives. The gym is not a place to conduct randomised workouts - it’s a testing ground for overloading muscles, taking joints through bigger ranges of motion, lifting more, jumping higher, running faster or longer. It’s all in the name of achieving the goals that light you up.

This is the difference between ‘working out’ and ‘training’. Athletes don’t workout.

It’s why we built the Bioathletic Training Club. It’s where you're treated like a world champion, even if you only train to beat your mates up the last hill at the end of a run.

The Bioathletic brand of Strength & Conditioning has a focus on 4 elements to build bulletproof Urban Athletes.


In conjunction with your Physiotherapy sessions we’ll hone in on your weakest links with a dedicated rehab program designed to restore quality movement, stabilise joints and build a base level of strength. And when you’re not injured the program will serve to bulletproof you against common injuries and continue to promote quality movement in any areas that need a little TLC


Your program is designed to help you move better, refine techniques and movement patterns and build general work capacity as a springboard into more specialised training - if you choose to go there. It provides a focus on the ‘big bang’ movements like squatting, pressing, deadlifting and all the accessory movements you need to build real strength, resilience and do the things you love.


Elements of mobility (or flexibility) are built into each session to help restore basic human movement, which seems to have been lost in our digital world. Learn to move like a human being again with gymnastics-inspired movements that will have you squatting, lunging, twisting, pushing and pulling with less tightness, less twinges and less pain than ever.


Usually consisting of interval sessions, the conditioning element of your training will improve your overall work capacity, meaning you can go harder or longer and enhance your ability to recover between efforts.

Service Options.

Reconditioning Program

Ideal for those recovering from injury or with recurring issues, this program gives you access to customised support and the whole Bioathletic team to focus on your recovery.



  • Weekly Session with your Physiotherapist
  • Individualised Rehabilitation Program
  • Weekly Strength and Conditioning Session in our Gym
  • Remedial Massage
  • Unlimited Group Training Sessions in the final stage of your recovery
  • 24/7 Support From The Physiotherapy Team

Bioathletic Training Club

Our flagship program gets you unlimited access to our small group Strength and Conditioning Sessions plus physio and massage sessions on demand.



  • Unlimited access to our Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  • Gap-Free Physio and Massage sessions on demand
  • A structured program with built-in progression and overload, which is flexible enough to cater to your own fitness levels and needs
  • Program modifications with input from our Physiotherapy team for those weeks where you just need some downtime
  • Plus a bunch of extras like testing weeks, outdoor sessions, diet workshops and more...

We're for you,
the urban athlete.

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