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Experience is just the beginning.

Every Physiotherapist at Bioathletic has years of experience, has worked with sports teams at the highest level of competition and most have post-graduate qualifications.

But when you’re searching for the best Physio, “years of experience” is an expectation. It’s what lies beyond that defines a great Physio.

We know that every story, every athlete, every goal is unique. To understand your journey and its barriers, we need to listen. We need to share the passion, the drive, the goal-focused determination.

It’s why we believe that rest is over-prescribed and that our job is to help you navigate any barriers standing between you and your potential.

Manly Physiotherapist assessing an injured Manly Rugby player

Manly Physiotherapy team

Meet the best Physios in Manly.

Alison Donnan

Sports Physio

  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Rugby Injuries
  • Dry needling
  • Pilates-based rehab

Gabi Jackson


  • Rugby injuries
  • Spinal pain
  • Pilates-based rehab

Andy Farley

Sports Physio

  • Rugby injuries
  • Running injuries and biomechanics
  • Complex sports injuries
  • Dry Needling

Tim O’Grady


  • Lower limb injuries
  • Shoulder injuries and post-op rehab
  • Golf injuries
  • Spinal pain

How to get there

Our Manly Physio clinic is located directly opposite Manly Oval at 63 Sydney Rd.

We’re only 300m from Manly Ferry Wharf and less than 200m from Whistler St Car Park.

You can park on the streets around the clinic (most parking time limits are 2hrs or longer), or you can choose to park in Whistler St Car Park (charges apply).

Where is the clinic located?

Bioathletic Manly map

We’re on Sydney Rd, directly opposite Manly Oval. You can find more details here.

How much is a session?

All Physio sessions, and one hour Massage sessions, are $115/session. We offer special rates for school students and any health fund rebates are deducted on-the-spot, reducing your out of pocket costs.

If your injury happened during an organised/paid sporting session (eg. game, training session, etc), you’re probably covered by sports insurance. Our staff can provide further advice and links to claim information.

How do I claim health fund rebates?

We can instantly claim any applicable rebates at the tie of your session, and you only pay the gap.
Most health funds now provide a simple tap option via their app, or you can claim using your health fund card.

Rebates vary significantly between insurers and policies but as a guide, most Physio rebates are between $30-70.

Do I need a referral?

No, Physiotherapists are primary-contact practitioners, which means no doctor referral is needed.

The only exception to that is for Workcover (worker’s compensation) and CTP (motor vehicle accident insurance) injuries, which require a doctor’s referral to initiate the episode.

Can the Physio order scans like Xray and MRI (or do I need to see my GP)?

Physios can order a range of images, including Xray and MRI. Many are covered by Medicare rebates, the same as if your GP ordered the image.

If you’re not covered or if you could obtain a better rebate via your GP, your Physio will discuss these options with you prior to ordering the imaging.

You’ve worked hard chasing goals.
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