Why you need to be treated like an elite athlete

Ever wondered why professional athletes seem to recover in half the time it takes the average Joe?

It’s not superior genetics or the lucrative sponsorship deals. It’s the fact that they have a specialist team looking after every facet of their injury and performance.

The moment an athlete is injured each member of the team jumps into action to limit downtime and return them to training and competition as fast as possible.

An injured athlete will never stop training. Rest is the enemy for a speedy recovery.

During rest, your body loses strength, flexibility and conditioning. Injuries need the exact opposite. They need loading to stimulate healing and the underlying cause needs to be addressed, not ignored.

Rest can ease the pain, but it will rarely fix the problem. It’s nothing more than a bandaid.

Instead, athletes maintain momentum without extended breaks and they use this time to focus on building strength in uninjured areas and completing a strength-based rehab program to fix the broken bits.

So why can’t we take the same approach with everyday athletes?

We can. And we do.

Injuries are commonplace in sport and life. But they don’t mean you should take up your place on the couch and lose all those hard-earned fitness gains. Instead, our Urban Athletes take advantage of all we have to offer:

  • Regular Physiotherapy to get the injured area back to function, fast
  • Strength & Conditioning to maintain fitness levels and promote a graduated return to life/sport of the injured area
  • Dietary modifications to ensure you’re getting enough of the right foods to accelerate recovery
  • Massage Therapy to get your muscles feeling good and erase issues arising from muscle compensation

You deserve to be treated like an elite athlete. Don’t settle for less.

Written by

Travis Waite

Trav is a Physiotherapist with an Exercise Science background who specialises in shoulder injuries and gym-based rehab. He believes that injury rehab is an opportunity to work on performance and to emerge better than before you were injured.

Travis Waite