Virtual Training Club.

14 days free, then $49/month

Rehab, mobility, strength & fitness.

The Virtual Training Club goes way beyond the one-dimensional training programs and magazine articles and combines the skills of our world-class multidisciplinary team, with expertise in sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

Our virtual members get access to all the elements that are vital to their health and fitness – the everyday ingredients they need to perform at their best, be it at work or play.

Rehab & Prehab.

Taking influence from our physiotherapy background, our programs are focussed on building strong foundations, quality movement and above all, resilience to injury as our primary focus.

Take your rehab to the next level and continue well beyond the physio table, with prehab (preventative rehab) programs designed to make injuries a thing of the past and challenge what you thought was the limits of your athletic potential.

Strong, Mobile, Bulletproof.

As a member of the Virtual Training Club you’ll get access to the same programming we put our in-house members through each and every week. Our Movement Library and Knowledge Base will keep your form and training smarts up to date and our coaching team are just a message away if you need an assist.

Whether your aim is to be the best in the world, or the best in your world – it’s all the same to us.

Tried and tested programs

Programmed by our in-house Sports Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches our online programs have been thoroughly tested by our team and delivered to professional athletes and our Urban Athletes before they make their way to you. Every program in our library is accessible for every fitness level, from professional athletes to first timers.

Your daily session

There’s no random sessions here - all of your daily programs are part of a well rounded Strength and Conditioning or Rehab routine. Set your focus on one session at a time with our easy to follow, calendar layout of your training. You’ll be able to scroll through your program for the week so you can plan your sessions in advance if you’re inclined.

Knowledge Base

Build your training smarts with our video and article library on training, rehab, nutrition, and recovery. Get quality exercise tutorials, easy to implement nutrition advice, training tips and recovery strategies used by professional athletes, but applicable to you.

Movement Library

Our extensive library of exercises and movements will help you perfect your form. Each movement in your program is linked directly to a simple demonstration with coaching points from our team.

Testing Weeks

Join our in house crew once a quarter to chart your progress towards achieving the Bioathletic Standard – our vision for the complete Urban Athlete.

Questions Answered

Get direct access to our expert team to help you decide which program is right for you and how to go about getting the most from your membership.

The standards we keep.

We’ve developed a set of standards we believe are essential to the Urban Athlete. They’re standards you can achieve too!
Imagine being free of injuries, stronger than you thought possible, and more flexible than you’ve ever been?

Now you can quit imagining. The BTC will help you reach these standards sooner than you think:

  • Master moving your own bodyweight with ease
  • Achieve new levels of mobility with our gymnastics inspired flexibility training
  • Power up your cardiovascular fitness by hitting new standards on our SkiErg and Assault bike
  • Build strength in key movements to help you excel in your sport, or just do life better.

Reaching these standards means you’ll always be in what we call the ‘READY STATE’. That is, you’re ready for your next event. Ready for your next workout. Ready to chase your kids around the block or just ready for whatever life throws your way.

Let's get started

14 days free, then $49/month

Let's get started