The importance of goal setting

setting goals
Setting goals sounds like something your Mum would tell you to do, but it’s actually a critical part of your training and without goals, you’re leaving results on the table.
Let me explain…
Aside from the Anthony Robbins like motivation and laser cut focus on ONE outcome, having goals is essential to:
  • Improve the value of your training time
  • Plan your session and training block
  • Plan your recovery
  • Ensure your nutrition is on point
  • And to reduce the risk of injury


But before you drag out the whiteboard and start charting your triumphs, goal setting may be something you’re already doing without realising it…


Goal setting need not be complex. It can be as simple as heading out for a run or gym session with a simple goal for the session or as detailed as a complex periodised plan building up to a goal event over 12 months away. 
Just setting a simple goal of working on power, strength, speed, distance or endurance gives you a purpose for the session, rather than setting out to put one foot in front of the other. This is the difference between people who ‘workout’ and those who ‘train’. Those who workout are just out to break a sweat but there’s no plan, no purpose and generally, the results aren’t so great. Those who train have a purpose for their session, a plan to achieve something and each session is a piece in a much bigger puzzle
And as a bonus, by aiming to improve just one aspect of your training you’ll reduce your risk of injury. You can score additional bonus points by varying having several focus areas throughout your training week. 


So with a new year upon us (or even if you’re reading this in the middle of July… ) set yourself a small goal and then line up your training sessions around achieving that goal. To make sure you follow through, set a deadline in the form of a race or event and tell a few friends to keep yourself honest.

Ready to get planning now? I’m sure your Mum will be proud.