Sports Injury Drop in Clinic.


It happens every day in the world of professional sport. But why is it that professional athletes seem to recover from injuries so much faster than the rest of us?

It's simple. They get every injury assessed and treatment protocols begin the moment it happens.

There’s no waiting to see how it feels after a week.
There’s no hobbling through training sessions, games or life demands in the hope that it will all go away soon.

Professional athletes cut out the ‘wait and see’ time and it pays off. Less time on the sidelines and more time living the life.


The physios at our Sports Injury Drop In Clinic will do a detailed physio assessment and answer the critical questions up front:

What is the injury?
Can I return to training/sport?
Will I need scans?

You'll know straight away whether you're going to be off the pitch for some or all of the season or that with a recovery plan, you can get back to training and play immediately. No waiting for a week or two to find out if the injury is serious, delaying critical treatment.

We'll work with you (or liaise directly with your coach) to make sure your training demands are suited to your injury risk and help you make an effective recovery plan.
And if you need more assistance to get back to your best, we’ll get you into our next available session.

The cost of the Drop On Clinic session is covered by your Private health Insurance which means there's no out-of-pocket cost to you. And there's no appointment necessary.

(*If you don't have private health insurance, our drop in clinic rate is just $39)

Do what the pros do and get back to business ASAP

Come along on
Mondays at 4pm

No appointment necessary