Sports Dietetics.

Nutrition complexity, made simple.

The perfect diet doesn’t exist.

If you don’t believe me, you can easily waste a day of your life searching “What is the perfect diet” on Google and scouring through the subsequent plethora of advice on internet forums in an infinitely contradictory and confusing whirlwind of information overload.

And while it’s often true that every diet works (until it doesn’t), the reason that it works isn’t necessarily due to omitting meat, chowing down on lemon detox or only eating foods that are purple. It’s down to one simple concept.

Calories in and calories out.

While science is a complex area of study, the boffins in the know try their best to distill the gold down to really simple nuggets. But yet, we find ways to confuse ourselves because there is still a large amount of complexity in nutrition and what works for one, definitely doesn’t work for all.

Calorie counting, macro tracking, supplementation, hard core meal prep, intermittent fasting, carbohydrate loading...

It’s why elite athletes enlist the help of sports dietitians to help them achieve their goals. And it’s why at Bioathletic we offer the Urban Athlete that same experience.

One area we like to focus on is nutrition through injury. We target nutrition interventions that not only support the body as it heals and help nix the unwanted kilos that can pile on quickly when your activity levels suddenly plummet, but also accelerate the rate of recovery and reduce the deconditioning effects, such as loss in muscle mass and changes to metabolism which can take effect while you’re on the sidelines.

Don’t leave your health in the hands of internet forums or an Instagram ‘influencers’ latest cash-cow. It’s time to learn the habits of people who maintain their nutrition goals all year round.

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