There’s no on/off switch for your health.

Imagine finally getting clear of pain and injury, making great progress, gaining in strength, mobility and confidence every day, and then…

Rehab is done and you’re on your own.

Scary thought for some.

Our Urban Athletes stay the course because we know there’s no on/off switch to health. It’s a continuum. It’s why we like to see our Urban Athletes leave us not only stronger, more mobile and more resilient after their injury but also committed to staying that way.

Reconditioning is physio, done differently

When it comes to improving health and performance, a one dimensional approach doesn’t always have a lasting effect. That’s why we’ve created a reconditioning program that goes beyond the realm of traditional physiotherapy when it’s needed. And it’s needed more often than it’s not.

You’ll get access to all the elements that are vital to a fast and effective recovery and a return to your best, be it at work or play.

The Reconditioning Program combines the skills of our world class Physiotherapists, Strength Coaches and Massage Therapists into an innovative and bespoke program to guide you through your recovery - regaining quality movement, range of motion and strength.

Every member of our team works together to get you back to where you need to be. Whether your aim is to get back on the sporting field or chase the kids on theirs – it’s all the same to us.

All the details.

Everything you could ever need to find your hidden athletic ability…


  • All the usual Session by Session features like access to our World Class Physiotherapists for an in depth Injury assessment, accurate diagnosis, an individualised treatment plan and training program delivered directly to your phone via our app and follow up access to your physio, plus...
  • Regular weekly sessions with your Physiotherapist for ongoing injury management and progressions
  • Access to our Strength and Conditioning Coaches for a weekly session to keep your body moving and limit the detraining effect of being injured but also to continue your rehabilitation under the watchful eye of our expert team
  • Unlimited access to our group training sessions to really pump up your fitness as you get near the end of your recovery journey
  • Remedial Massage to aid recovery, ease tight muscles and get you feeling great
  • And best of all, you'll have 24/7 access to our whole team, for support when you need it.

The urban athlete standard.

The members of our Bioathletic Training Club are fighting to achieve a set of standards we have set as essential criteria for the Urban Athlete. And they’re standards you can achieve too!

Imagine being free of injuries, stronger than you thought possible, and more flexible than you’ve ever been?

Now you can quit imagining. The BTC will help you reach these standards sooner than you think:

  • Move your own bodyweight with ease
  • Achieve new levels of mobility with our gymnastics-inspired flexibility training>
  • Power up your cardiovascular fitness by hitting new standards on our SkiErg and Assault bike
  • Build strength in key movements to help you excel in your sport
  • Just doing life better.

Reaching these standards means you’ll always be in what we call the ‘READY STATE’. That is, you’re ready for your next event. Ready for your next workout. Ready to chase your kids around the block or just ready for whatever life throws your way. 

No minimum term.
no catch. only upside.

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