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Taren Point MAssage.

The best massage Therapists know what’s needed

Ever had that massage experience when you need to explain what you need, constantly, for the whole hour?

The best Remedial Massage Therapists just ask a few questions about your goals and preferences, then they get to work delivering results.

‘Results’ are what matters to you, and it’s highly individual. For a Sports person, results can be improved movement and performance. During Pregnancy, a pre-natal massage might be needed to relieve back pain or pressure.

Faye knows how to deliver results with years of professional experience and post-grad qualifications, as well as being an endurance athlete and a Mum. She knows EXACTLY how you feel…

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Taren Point Massage

Faye Lehane – Remedial Massage Therapist

Faye specialises in:
> running performance & recovery,
> pre- & post-natal massage,
> dry needling, and
> injury recovery.
Faye is available at our Taren Point clinic.

Manly Massage

Amanda Schimdt – Remedial Massage Therapist

Amanda specialises in:
> injury recovery,
> pre- & post-natal massage, and
> sports performance & recovery.
Amanda is available at our Manly clinic.

Hannah Burke – Sports Massage Therapist

Hannah specialises in:
> Myofascial release,
> Lower back pain and sciatica,
> dry needling, and
> Neck pain, headaches & facial massage.
Hannah is available at our Manly clinic.